Best Laser Printer

Finding the Best Laser Printer


Apparently because of my blabbermouth I have recently been blessed with the unofficial title of printer guru at school. I find myself being recommended by well-meaning friends as the guy to talk to about not only buying inexpensive printer ink cartridges and printer toner cartridges online, but also what new printers to buy. They want to know things like which printers are the fastest, which printer brand uses the cheapest printer ink cartridge and lasts the longest etc. should I buy an HP printer, a Lexmark printer, or an Epson color laser printer etc.? They expect answers.

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So what do I tell all these people asking questions; I tell them this: Well the best printer for you is your own decision. When it comes to laser printers, I’m no expert, however I do my research on anything that concerns spending my hard earned money. Now because of that, I think I found a laser printer that fits the bill. I tell them, Color in a laser is not in your future, really you don’t need the expensive luxury of color for what they are doing, that is what an inkjet is for, color printer, photos, etc. Knowing that thins the field quit a bit. OK monochrome i.e. a black and white laser printer, but now which one?

Best Laser Printer for the Money

Did I mention that most of the people asking me for advice are just fellow students? Anyway, I pretty much already know their needs. My fellow students have to print term papers and various assignments. Like me they are forced to do a lot of printing, burning up a lot of ink. First things first. Lose the inkjet printer for big projects. For mega printing you want laser not inkjet. Burning up a laser printer toner cartridge comes out a lot cheaper per page then printing with an inkjet printer, a lot cheaper. A laser printer is the obvious choice for these students.

They also need a printer that uses inexpensive toner cartridges and you have to be able to buy remanufactured printer cartridge replacements to keep the cost down. After much research, I found one. It uses the TN660 printer cartridge in this case, and it holds 250 sheets of printer paper at a time, prints at 27 ppm and has a modest per page printing cost of about 2.3 cents. It works with usb and works with wireless, even with an Apple I phone which a lot of students have. Not bad so far right? It gets better, the price is in the neighborhood of about $100.00. Music to my ears, a new laser printer for about $100.

This printer is the Brother HL-L2340DW. As I’ve said before, Brother makes a pretty good laser printer, I own the Brother MFC-8690DW All-in-one Laser printer myself and it serves me well, but this more simple unit meets the needs of the people I am trying to help. Brother printer cartridges such as the TN660 printer toner cartridge are inexpensive, thus fulfilling my self imposed mission of finding printer ink cartridges cheap or in this case printer toner cartridges cheap.

So is this the best laser printer out there? Far from it, but it is the best laser printer that I have found that meets the needs of most people that have approached me, the majority being students with very limited funds. How long will it last in the long run, I don’t know, but at $100.00 from many major retailers I don’t think you are risking that much. This is what it looks like, very basic but hey that’s all they need.

brother laser printer Brother model HL-L234DW laser printer


As far as I’m concerned, the Brother HL-L2340DW laser printer fits the bill and I believe for my fellow students this is the best laser printer for the money, and yes you can save even more purchasing remanufactured printer cartridges for this laser printer, so I like that too.


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Laser or Injet – Your Next Printer

Laser or Inkjet Printers – the choice

Are you planning on purchasing a laser or inkjet printer in the near future? Me too. I jotted down a few things you may wish to consider. When it comes to printers, there are many choices, but for the most part, you have to choose one of two main types: Ink-jet, or laser. A laser printer has the advantage of very high resolution, longevity of the printer cartridge, actually toner cartridge, and speed. Lasers are electrostatic devices and as such they are pretty fast compared to an inkjet.

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Most laser printer print in black and white but at the high end are the pricier color laser printers too. They will set you back some, but wow they really can print amazingly sharp images and text. Now you may wish to consider first just what you plan to be doing with your new printer, and that will make the choice somewhat easier I believe. (oh thank you captain obvious for that wisdom) 🙂

I myself own both types of printers. I own a Brother printer, MCF-8690DW which is a workhorse. With it I print a lot of my papers for college. I also own an HP inkjet printer that the kids use and I sometimes print photos on. It’s also the one that I forgot the model number of. I may not remember the model number, however what I can’t forget is that it takes the same expensive HP printer cartridges shown on the front of this blog and I sure as hell can’t forget that it drinks ink like an alcoholic vampire at a blood bank. It just may be time for this inkjet printer to take a dirt nap as they say. 🙂

My Next Inkjet Printer

What printer am I looking at right now? Before I get into that another thing to consider: Make sure whatever printer you choose has the ability to print on both sides of the paper. When I say that I mean without you having to manually flit the page over to print on the other side. I can almost guarantee not long after you purchased one without this ability, you will realize you should have made a different choice.

I am considering the Brother MCF-J985DW. This is an inkjet printer that has what I consider a low purchase price, under $200 and a low operating cost. The printer ink cartridges are high capacity compared to my HP printer which keeps cost down; you can print almost 2,500 pages on average which is music to my ears and  it also prints on both sides, works with a usb or wireless like my other Brother printer.

Oh and I almost forgot, the remanufactured printer ink cartridges for this model is pretty inexpensive, and you know I’m all about cheap printer ink cartridges and saving money.  On the other hand it prints at less then 5 pages per minute which makes it OK but not great. Not exactly a Lamborghini or in my world, a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11/ZZ-R1100 OH Yeah! 🙂

Anyway just some things I have been considering before I take the plunge and buy my next inkjet printer.



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Remanufactured Lexmark Printer Cartridges – Impression Products v. Lexmark International

Lexmark Sues Over Remanufactured Printer Cartridges

There is an important case before the supreme court involving the remanufacture of printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges. Although the case for now involved only Remanufactured Lexmark Printer Cartridges, this case could effect you no matter what brand printer you use, laser or inkjet. This case may set a president regarding printer and toner cartridges and what you pay for them in the near future. Save Up to 80% off printer cartridges by clicking here

While surfing the net perusing my self imposed holy quest of finding cheap remanufactured toner and printer ink cartridges I came across this story:  law case about printers and remanufactured Lexmark toner cartridges

Lexmark who manufactures ink and laser printers is claiming infringement by others who remanufacture or otherwise refill their cartridges. It is from Fortune magazine. Read it for yourself with the above link, or here is the case in a nutshell:

The gargantuan Lexmark, has sued a small mom-and-pop company which sells old Lexmark printer cartridges that have been refilled with new toner. In other words, remanufactured Lexmark Printer Cartridges. Apparently Lexmark printers are smart and can detect when an unauthorized cartridge that has been refilled is put in it and just won’t print with that cartridge. This mom-and-pop cartridge refill company has disabled these chips which are part of the cartridge thus allowing the use of  unofficial printer cartridges (read cheaper printer cartridges) and so the greedy Lexmark just doesn’t like that, no not at all, and so they sued this little company.

You see, Lexmark wants to sell you their very expensive cartridges and the mom-and-pop shop is stepping on their big profits I guess. Lexmark wants all of us to buy printer cartridges only from them and pay through the nose while doing so.

 Cheap Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges – The Future

On the first go around, an appeals court took greedy Lexmark’s side, (not so good for us)  and concluded that mom-and-pop-shop activities amounted to an unauthorized use of the company’s patented technology, in other words disabling the chip which allows someone to use a refilled cartridge has somehow violated their patent rights. Remanufactured printer cartridges are made from discarded, empty cartridges often just thrown away, so how in the hell is it that Lexmark still has an ownership stake in all of this?


I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a bunch of crap coming from a blood sucking greedy corporate giant who wants to prevent people from buying printer ink cartridges cheap, or in this particular case inexpensive toner cartridges. If Lexmark wins this case with the toner cartridges, printer ink cartridges will surely be the next shoe to drop and  that will not be good for any of us.

Inexpensive Printer Ink – a Thing of the Past?

Depending on how things go, the cost of or even the ability to purchase remanufactured toner cartridges and printer ink cartridges could be effected in a very bad way. Remember, if Lexmark wins this case and can kill the refilling of cartridges, then remanufactured printer toner cartridges and remanufactured printer ink cartridges will be next. I fear the greed will spread. First Lexmark then Cannon, then Brother, and finally HP printer cartridges will all go up in price and that would suck!

Now it’s up to the supreme court and their collective wisdom, I think I just scared myself.

Lets hope logic and consumer rights prevail at the supreme court so we can continue to purchase inexpensive printer ink and toner cartridges.



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Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridges

Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridges

Buying printer ink cartridges cheaply is not as easy as it sounds. You can look for discounted ink cartridges at your local Wal-Mart’s, Best Buy, Office Depot or Staples, but good luck with that. Sales are few and far between when it comes to printer ink and toner cartridges.  In fact the dirty little secret is that the ink cartridges that go on sale from time to time are the ones that nobody is buying and the ink is about to expire. Very likely they will not fit your printer either, the ones that go on sale are often the slow movers.

Of course you don’t know that, you just went there for the big printer and ink sale. Now you are there, and you discover that your cartridge is not one of the few on sale. What the hell, your in the store anyway, so now they got you again. You plunk down maybe anywhere from $25-$40 for overpriced cartridges that will soon run dry again. Ever get burned like this, I sure have, but never again. Save Up to 80% off printer cartridges by clicking here

The answer my friends is not looking for the mythical printer cartridges on sale. No the answer is buying smarter. The answer to printing inexpensively is the Internet. Specifically buying inexpensive but quality remanufactured printer ink cartridges online. I and my entire family have saved hundreds of dollars buying quality remanufactured printer ink cartridges from reputable suppliers that stand behind their products and so can you.

A Word Of Caution About Cheap Ink Cartridges

Not all remanufactured printer ink cartridges are the same. They can all look very similar and some are cheaper then others, but they are not at all the same. What you want is quality remanufactured printer ink and toner cartridges that will last. You don’t want junk you want quality. You can same money, but you need to know that the internet is just like the wild wild west, almost no rules, and lots of people ready to take your money. Don’t be afraid but don’t get stuck either, arm yourself with knowledge, learn from my experience and avoid the piles of dog crap I already stepped in. 🙂

When I figure out how to work this blog a little better I’ll put up ad links to the best places I have found for that week and if they have some type of coupon code or whatever I’ll post that too if it’s not part of the link to their site.  In any case, all ads I place on my blog will always be from the reputable suppliers and not the fly-by-nights I’ve already dealt with plenty of those and you don’t need to repeat my mistakes.

PS: If your reading this and there is no ads yet be patient, I’m not an internet guru, not yet anyway. My name is Mike and I’m just a regular guy with a job, wife, kids, dog, and a thirsty printer that like to drink lots and lots of ink.

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