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A message from Mike:

This blog was started by someone who is sick and tired of being robbed every time I need a new printer ink cartridge. I print a lot, and so that’s pretty often. I print things for college, for work, and just because I’m a little old school and like to have something in my hands to read. Sometimes I just need a break from squinting at my laptop screen. You know what I mean right?

I also like to save money. I’m not saying I’m a cheapskate, I spend money when I have to, but if I can save money on ink and other printer supplies, why not? Through much trial and error I discovered how to get the best prices on my printer supplies and avoid the many traps out there.

I believe I can help you avoid the many mistakes I made so you can buy quality printer ink cartridges cheaper. One word of caution however, something I learned the hard way; don’t go by price alone! You want discounted quality ink cartridges and toner, but you don’t want junk ink cartridges and headaches!

Remanufactured Printer Ink Cartridges

You may or may not already know that remanufactured printer ink cartridges are an excellent way to save big $$$ on printer supplies, however this is only true when they are sold by people that know what they are doing. Unfortunately some unscrupulous suppliers will simply refill and empty cartridge and sell it at a cheap price That is no bargain. That my friends is not how you remanufacture an ink cartridge! That is junk and headaches you don’t need no matter how cheap it is!

Quality Remanufactured Cartridges

A reputable ink and toner supplier, like the ones I recommend, will insure that all the old stale ink been completely removed using vacuum, pressure, and ultrasonic ink solvent cleaning methods. A reputable cartridge remanufacture will make sure that each and every ink and toner cartridge been electronically tested to insure a trouble-free long life. They also will guarantee the quality of their printer supplies, and put it in writing. These are the only type of people I deal with, and on this blog these are the only people I will ever recommend to you.
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PS: If you find the information on this site useful, please tell friends and family to visit my little blog for information and recommendations that will save them money.

Thanks Mike