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Finding the Best Laser Printer


Apparently because of my blabbermouth I have recently been blessed with the unofficial title of printer guru at school. I find myself being recommended by well-meaning friends as the guy to talk to about not only buying inexpensive printer ink cartridges and printer toner cartridges online, but also what new printers to buy. They want to know things like which printers are the fastest, which printer brand uses the cheapest printer ink cartridge and lasts the longest etc. should I buy an HP printer, a Lexmark printer, or an Epson color laser printer etc.? They expect answers.

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So what do I tell all these people asking questions; I tell them this: Well the best printer for you is your own decision. When it comes to laser printers, I’m no expert, however I do my research on anything that concerns spending my hard earned money. Now because of that, I think I found a laser printer that fits the bill. I tell them, Color in a laser is not in your future, really you don’t need the expensive luxury of color for what they are doing, that is what an inkjet is for, color printer, photos, etc. Knowing that thins the field quit a bit. OK monochrome i.e. a black and white laser printer, but now which one?

Best Laser Printer for the Money

Did I mention that most of the people asking me for advice are just fellow students? Anyway, I pretty much already know their needs. My fellow students have to print term papers and various assignments. Like me they are forced to do a lot of printing, burning up a lot of ink. First things first. Lose the inkjet printer for big projects. For mega printing you want laser not inkjet. Burning up a laser printer toner cartridge comes out a lot cheaper per page then printing with an inkjet printer, a lot cheaper. A laser printer is the obvious choice for these students.

They also need a printer that uses inexpensive toner cartridges and you have to be able to buy remanufactured printer cartridge replacements to keep the cost down. After much research, I found one. It uses the TN660 printer cartridge in this case, and it holds 250 sheets of printer paper at a time, prints at 27 ppm and has a modest per page printing cost of about 2.3 cents. It works with usb and works with wireless, even with an Apple I phone which a lot of students have. Not bad so far right? It gets better, the price is in the neighborhood of about $100.00. Music to my ears, a new laser printer for about $100.

This printer is the Brother HL-L2340DW. As I’ve said before, Brother makes a pretty good laser printer, I own the Brother MFC-8690DW All-in-one Laser printer myself and it serves me well, but this more simple unit meets the needs of the people I am trying to help. Brother printer cartridges such as the TN660 printer toner cartridge are inexpensive, thus fulfilling my self imposed mission of finding printer ink cartridges cheap or in this case printer toner cartridges cheap.

So is this the best laser printer out there? Far from it, but it is the best laser printer that I have found that meets the needs of most people that have approached me, the majority being students with very limited funds. How long will it last in the long run, I don’t know, but at $100.00 from many major retailers I don’t think you are risking that much. This is what it looks like, very basic but hey that’s all they need.

brother laser printer Brother model HL-L234DW laser printer


As far as I’m concerned, the Brother HL-L2340DW laser printer fits the bill and I believe for my fellow students this is the best laser printer for the money, and yes you can save even more purchasing remanufactured printer cartridges for this laser printer, so I like that too.


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