Laser or Injet – Your Next Printer

Laser or Inkjet Printers – the choice

Are you planning on purchasing a laser or inkjet printer in the near future? Me too. I jotted down a few things you may wish to consider. When it comes to printers, there are many choices, but for the most part, you have to choose one of two main types: Ink-jet, or laser. A laser printer has the advantage of very high resolution, longevity of the printer cartridge, actually toner cartridge, and speed. Lasers are electrostatic devices and as such they are pretty fast compared to an inkjet.

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Most laser printer print in black and white but at the high end are the pricier color laser printers too. They will set you back some, but wow they really can print amazingly sharp images and text. Now you may wish to consider first just what you plan to be doing with your new printer, and that will make the choice somewhat easier I believe. (oh thank you captain obvious for that wisdom) 🙂

I myself own both types of printers. I own a Brother printer, MCF-8690DW which is a workhorse. With it I print a lot of my papers for college. I also own an HP inkjet printer that the kids use and I sometimes print photos on. It’s also the one that I forgot the model number of. I may not remember the model number, however what I can’t forget is that it takes the same expensive HP printer cartridges shown on the front of this blog and I sure as hell can’t forget that it drinks ink like an alcoholic vampire at a blood bank. It just may be time for this inkjet printer to take a dirt nap as they say. 🙂

My Next Inkjet Printer

What printer am I looking at right now? Before I get into that another thing to consider: Make sure whatever printer you choose has the ability to print on both sides of the paper. When I say that I mean without you having to manually flit the page over to print on the other side. I can almost guarantee not long after you purchased one without this ability, you will realize you should have made a different choice.

I am considering the Brother MCF-J985DW. This is an inkjet printer that has what I consider a low purchase price, under $200 and a low operating cost. The printer ink cartridges are high capacity compared to my HP printer which keeps cost down; you can print almost 2,500 pages on average which is music to my ears and  it also prints on both sides, works with a usb or wireless like my other Brother printer.

Oh and I almost forgot, the remanufactured printer ink cartridges for this model is pretty inexpensive, and you know I’m all about cheap printer ink cartridges and saving money.  On the other hand it prints at less then 5 pages per minute which makes it OK but not great. Not exactly a Lamborghini or in my world, a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11/ZZ-R1100 OH Yeah! 🙂

Anyway just some things I have been considering before I take the plunge and buy my next inkjet printer.



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